10 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker in 2023: Fully Updated With Buying Guide

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Hey Coffee Lovers, rejoice! I’m back with another article on the best single cup coffee maker.

In fact, coffee is the world’s most popular drink and has been for centuries. It has become a cultural icon in America, with people from all walks of life consuming it daily. 

In recent years, however, there has been a shift in coffee drinking habits as more and more people are migrating to single-cup brewing methods. Single cup brewers have made this process easier than ever before by allowing you to brew your favorite ground beans or tea leaves into one delicious cup at a time.

One increasingly popular option for those who want great tasting coffee but don’t have time for a full pot or just want one cup at a time is single serve brewing systems like Keurig K-Cups and Nespresso pods.

With so many different options available on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? For that answer, I turn to this article about “The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker”. This article will teach you all about these options and help you figure out which one might be best for your needs! Here are some coffee makers one should consider buying for single-serving purposes.

10 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker at a Glance

Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel / Black
  • Size: 13.69 x 11.44 x 15.44 inches
  • Capacity: Single and 12 cups
Keurig K Select Single Serve Coffee Maker
Keurig K Select Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds
  • Size: 11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Capacity: 6, 8, 10, 12oz
Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 9.0 pounds
  • Size: 13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
  • Capacity: 6, 8, 10 ounce
Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew Coffee Maker
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6.37 Pounds
  • Size: 11.4 x 12.2 x 13.7 inches
  • Capacity: Single and 12 cups
Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker
Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker (SS-10P1)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6.37 Pounds
  • Size: 11.4 x 12.2 x 13.7 inches
  • Capacity: Single and 12 cups
Keurig K475 Coffee Maker
Keurig K475 Coffee Maker
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 12.8 Pounds
  • Size: 10.43 x 13.63 x 13.45 inches
  • Capacity: Up to 30oz
Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine
Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine
  • Color: Anthracite Grey
  • Weight: 9.7 Pounds
  • Size: 11.3 x 8.78 x 15 inches
  • Capacity: 4 different sizes up to 150ml
Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine With Aeroccino Milk Frother
Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine With Aeroccino Milk Frother
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Weight: 8.28 pounds
  • Size: 18.19 x 7.56 x 11.89 inches
  • Capacity: 1. 35 oz. and 2. 75 oz.
Chulux Single Cup Coffee Brewer
Chulux Single Cup Coffee Brewer
  • Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel
  • Color: 7 colors
  • Weight: 2.31 pounds
  • Size: 7.4 x 4.3 x 9.06 inches
  • Capacity: 12 Ounce
Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker
Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Material: Rubber and Stainless Steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 3.89 pounds
  • Size: 6.5 x 4.75 x 13 inches
  • Capacity: 13.92 Ounces

Top 10 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker: Reviewed and Analyzed

Now, I’ll review and analyze the top 10 best single cup coffee makers on the market. All of these appliances are highly rated by users who have tried them out. They are available for purchase from various sources online, so you can buy one that is convenient to your location!

1. Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker: Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $100

Hamilton Beach has been around for over 100 years and aims to make your life a little easier. They understand that different people have needs, desires, and goals in their lives – so they set out to design products with you in mind.

Their newest invention Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer will change the way we drink our favorite caffeinated beverage forever by bringing us great-tasting cups that quench our thirst anytime.

It is one of the best single cup coffee makers for ground coffee that will be able to serve your needs perfectly with its brewing capabilities. Thanks to this product, it can serve basic or premium-roast coffee within minutes without any hassle at home.

best single cup coffee maker

Key Features


Wake up to the smell of your favorite coffee with this fully programmable coffee maker with an intuitive control panel. Want some extra sleep? The built-in clock and timer can be set in advance, so you know exactly when your perfect brew is ready for consumption!

Single or Full Pot:

Brew your coffee with ease and convenience. The Hamilton Beach Two Way Programmable Coffee Maker is great for making a single cup or a full pot of your favorite ground beans, whichever you prefer!

Automatic Shut off:

Do you always forget to turn off your coffee maker? Take a deep breath, don’t worry about it anymore! This model automatically shuts down after 2 hours for total peace of mind.

Brew Strength Settings:

Do you want your coffee to be light and mellow, or strong and intense? You can control how much caffeine will make it into the cup with two brew options- Regular for medium grind beans (or decaf if desired), or Bold which is made from finer grounds.

Pause And Serve Function:

It also features a pause-and-serve function which allows you to pour a cup anytime during the brewing process.

  • Compact design, perfect for any small countertop
  • Easy to operate with intuitive control
  • Compatible with travel mugs
  • Two water reservoir
  • Fully programmable
  • Not suitable for k-cup pods
  • Only 1-year warranty

2.   Keurig K Select Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Keurig K Select Single Serve Coffee Maker is a great choice for anyone who wants their morning brew to be ready in an instant. This is a sleek, intuitive coffee maker that features four different brew sizes and an option to make it stronger. 

It comes with hundreds of delicious options for pods or ground beans so you can enjoy your perfect cup every single time! The brewer is also great for those who enjoy stronger java with the touch of a button on its Strong Brew setting that kicks up strength and intensity!

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

Multiple Cup Size:

Keurig K select coffee maker is for those who like to drink their morning cup of joe in a variety. With 4 different cup size options(6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces), you can enjoy your favorite blend no matter how much caffeine you have the energy or desire for!

Quite Brewing:

Now you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee without any noise. The sleek and stylish coffee maker includes a quiet brew technology, so your mornings are just as stress-free!

Large water Reservoir:

Keurig K Select comes with a large 52-ounces reservoir so that you don’t require to refill it frequently. When it’s needed, simply remove its removable tank for an easy fill!

Easy to Control:

It’s so easy to make delicious coffee in minutes with Keurig! Just insert the pod, select your preferred cup size and press go. You’ll be sipping on a piping hot beverage of choice before you know it without having to wait around for eternity just like those old-fashioned coffee makers used to do.

Maintenance reminder:

This coffee maker is akin to the many other Keurig models in that it includes a maintenance reminder. This lets you know when your brewer needs descaling, and because of its removable drip tray, this model can accommodate tumblers – even if they’re not K-mugs or k-carafes!

  • Fully updated with quiet brewing technology
  • Large size water reservoir not required frequent filling
  • Can control the coffee strength
  • It comes in a variety of decent colors
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Plastic body
  • It takes some time for warm-up before starting to brew
  • Only compatible with K-cup and K-pods

3. Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The Keurig Classic K-Cup is a trusted single serve coffee maker that can brew your perfect cup every time. It features simple touch buttons and multiple brewing options to make sure you get the flavor you want, ranging from strong to mild or decaf. With its lasting reputation in the market for quality brewers, this device will always be available when needed!

In addition to its large size, it’s capable of brewing six or more delicious cups at once! The Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker is available in two decent colors to complement any decor and fit seamlessly into anyone’s kitchen space!

Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Key Features

Very Ease of Use;

The Keurig Classic is absolutely the easiest way to make amazing coffee at home. You just keep your machine filled up with water, insert one of those handy little boxes of pre-packed ground beans called K-Cups, then press go – that’s all there is! 

Large Water Reservoir:

The large, removable water reservoir allows you to brew more than six cups before having to refill. This means that filling the coffee maker with fresh cold water is a quick and easy task even when in a hurry!

It has a large water tank of 48 ounces. The maximum brew setting for this model of machine is 10 ounces, but you can use 6 or 8 oz sizes as well.

Versatile Use:

With the Keurig Classic K50, you can make a variety of beverages including coffee and tea. If that wasn’t enough for your taste buds to explore, it also has iced beverage and hot chocolate options as well!

Auto-Off Function

An auto-off feature is a perfect way to make sure your coffee maker turns off after you’re done using it for 2 hours. With this simple setting, you can help save energy and reduce waste by not continuing with a machine that’s no longer being used.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

It features a removable drip tray that makes it simple and quick to clean up after brewing your favorite beverage. With just the touch of a damp cloth, you can have this machine looking like new in no time!

The K50 coffee maker is very easy to maintain. Just descale the machine every three to six months and it will keep running smoothly for years at a time! Every now and then you’ll see this notification light up on your screen, so don’t ignore that either; otherwise mineral build-up can seriously affect its lifespan.

  • Very easy to use with its intuitive buttons
  • The large and removable water reservoir
  • Can brew multiple types of beverages
  • Easy to clean
  • A bit noisy
  • Only two colors
  • Made with Plastic materials

4. Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew Coffee Maker

Are you looking for an affordable way to brew your own coffee at home? You’re in luck because the Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee Maker gives you all that and more! 

This tiny machine is not only powerful but it also produces some delicious cups of joe. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a coffee maker that has so many cool features, it can be hard to pick just one! Here are some of the most professional and best-improved features on this machine.

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew Coffee Maker

Key Features

Two way Brewing:

With a 12 cup carafe and single-serve compatibility, this coffeemaker is one of the best in its class. Brew up to twelve cups with ground coffee on the side or use dual purpose pods for an instant fix. The included holder makes it easy to handle both options!

Dual Reservoirs:

The Hamilton Beach 49976 coffee maker has its own water reservoir for each side, so you never have to worry about running out of a fresh cup of joe. It’s easy to fill and even includes a handy window that lets you know if it needs more!

Storage Compartment: 

The Hamilton’s single-serve side offers a storage compartment to store your favorite K-cup or pods of coffee. The cup stand is also completely removable, making it easier for taller travel mugs and thermos bottles to fit underneath when using the single serve system.

Strength Control:

“Select-A Brew” system has just come out with their newest version – making it easier than ever for you to prepare an aromatic pot of java in no time! You can choose between Regular Brewing and Bold Brewing depending on how strong you want your coffee (and if caffeine knocks you down).

Easy to Clean:

Since most of the pieces are easily removable, cleaning is a breeze! All you have to do is rinse by using 1 part white vinegar, and 2 parts warm water in both carafe side or single-serve brewing chamber. Then just run it through once with warm water to complete an intensive cleanse that removes any lingering odors.

  • Compact and elegant design
  • Body parts are removable, so it is easy to clean
  • Programmable, can customize the strength of your coffee
  • Affordable and best value for the money
  • Auto pause function for serving
  • Due to a small reservoir of k-cup need to refill after each shot
  • It can’t keep warm if you shift over to the single shot

5. Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker 

Single-serve coffee pod machines are becoming increasingly popular, but there are many different options in the market today. Some of these can be overwhelming if you’re not a fan of the American flock and want to get something that isn’t Keurig.

But don’t worry – I’m here to make things much simpler! Now, I’m taking a look at the Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker to see if this machine is worth your hard-earned dollars! Cuisinart SS-10P1 is a popular alternative to the lower- to mid-range Keurig products.

Here, I’ll cover my favorite features of this maker so you know exactly what you are getting before making any purchase decisions.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

Body Materials:

This machine is a great choice for those who want quality without the high-end cost. Mainly this coffee maker is made with BPA-free plastic with a few stainless steel parts. The lack of stainless steel and other materials will result in this model may not be last longer than their competitors, but it provides that all-day convenience you need! Plus, there don’t seem to be any complaints about a plastic-y taste like many comparable products!

Large Water Reservoir:

The Cuisinart Premium SS-10P1 is a single serve brewer that comes with an enormous 72oz water reservoir. This makes for fewer refills, and gives you the chance to brew more than just coffee! The charcoal filtered water ensures your drink always has its best flavor possible without any weird tastes or aftertaste, even if it’s out of date by day!

Five Brewing Size:

The Cuisinart SS-10P1 is a single serve coffee maker with 5 brew size options and an easy-to-use, one-touch operation that’s compatible with any brand of K-Cup pods.


It’s a fully programmable machine with features such as Auto On/Off and adjustable temperature control. With this, you have the freedom to set your brewing schedule so that it turns on automatically when needed or just let it turn off after use for energy savings! You can even adjust the water’s heat level depending on how strong of brew you want.

Additional Features:

The hot water button on the coffee maker can be used to prepare a multitude of beverages including soup, tea, and even cocoa. The unit also includes an easy-to-clean rinse function for quick cleanup when you’re done making your favorite drink!

  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Fully programmable with an intuitive control panel
  • Precise temperature control
  • Multiple brewing size settings
  • Has a three-year limited warranty
  • Large water reservoir
  • A bit noisy than Keurig
  • Slow brewing

6. Keurig K475 Coffee Maker

Keurig K475 coffee maker is a master-class brewing machine with an innovative design to satisfy the taste buds of any morning drinker. The Keurig has been designed and developed as a comprehensive powerhouse that can make your favorite drinks, at just one touch!

You’ll love making custom brews that also happen to be impressive without any effort, as well as how simple it can be when using its many features. 

So go ahead and read its key features on the Keurig 475 now so we can tell you all about why every kitchen needs one.

Keurig K475 Coffee Maker

Key Features

Brew Different Sizes:

The Keurig K475 is a single-serve coffee maker that offers you the opportunity to brew 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-ounce cups of coffee. You can also choose from 22, 26, and 30 Ounce Carafe sizes too! This means if you’re in the mood for just one cup of delicious java there’s no problem with brewing it up quickly on this machine. But when entertaining a number of people at your house don’t worry about not having enough variety because all these different size options are available for convenience.

Temperature Control:

This coffee maker has five temperature settings to ensure that all those taste buds are satisfied with just one product. Not only that, it can brew any k-cup pod size and offers a strength control setting, which allows users to make their cups even stronger if desired!

Large Water Reservoir:

You’ll never have to worry about running out of water again with the Keurig K-475. With an enormous 70 ounce reservoir, you can brew more than 8 cups just before refill! The removable water tank makes it easy to fill up whenever needed so that you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee all day! It also has an easy-to-use hot water dispenser that allows you to brew tea and cocoa with the same machine!

Large Touch Display With Easy Control:

Keurig K475 coffee maker comes with a bright, colorful touch screen that is easy to see and use. Not only can you make your favorite cup of Joe in less than one minute; the machine also allows you to pre-program it so there will be fresh hot java waiting for you when need it most!

Additional Features:

Keurig K475 coffee maker is a simple and effective way to make your morning cup of joe without the mess. It has an auto-off feature so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on all day, plus this model comes with its own drip tray that catches any spills or drips for quick clean up!

  • Premium Quality with a sleek design
  • Can brew both single-serve and carafes
  • You can choose your favorite coffee from more than 400 varieties of K-Pods
  • Very fast brewing within a minute
  • Controlled temperature
  • It makes some noise while brewing
  • Pricey

7. Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine

Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine is another best single serve coffee maker for those who want to be able to make their own espresso without having a lot of hassle. With four different cup sizes including an Americano, and with Bluetooth technology that allows you easy access via Smartphone app ordering or controlling it from your phone. 

Nespresso Expert is a sleek and chic coffee machine with a cutting-edge design. The company prides itself on this innovative flat-to-the-wall shape that mimics baristas in their pursuit of perfection. This sleek design will have coffee enthusiasts salivating every time they walk by!

Best Single Cup Coffee maker

Key Features

Smart Wireless Technology:

Nespresso Expert is the first single serve espresso maker to offer smart wireless technology (Bluetooth) that allows you to create your own customized coffees at home using your smartphone or tablet. You can also order capsules from anywhere in the world directly on your device! And if you need assistance with your machine, simply use your smartphone to get help from their experts!

Multiple Cup sizes: 

The new Nespresso Americano is the perfect addition to your daily routine. It’s ideal for those who prefer their coffee milder and enjoy an extra-long serving time. Choose from four different cup sizes: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml), or the larger Americano size (150ml).

Sleek and Flat Design:

Nespresso Expert is the first Nespresso machine to offer a sleek and flat design. The cutting-edge shape of this new machine was inspired by the world of barista, making it an elegant addition to any kitchen countertop.

High-Pressure Pump:

The Nespresso Expert is the perfect gift for coffee lovers who enjoy experimenting with new flavors and drinks. This machine features a 19-bar pressure pump, a barista-style result, automatic ejection function that allows users to get their caffeine fix like never before!

Very Fast Heating And Energy Saving function:

You’ll never have to wait around for your coffee again, thanks to this machine’s fast heat-up system! In just 30 seconds it reaches the ideal temperature. Furthermore, after 9 minutes of idle time with no activity on the part of you or any other user, this machine will automatically switch off and save money on energy bills by saving electricity while not in use.

  • Fully automatic and programmable
  • Wireless technology
  • Sleek and flat design
  • 4 brewing size
  • Comes with hot water function separately
  • Can adjust the cup hight
  • Only compatible with Nespresso capsules

8. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine With Aeroccino Milk Frother

Nespresso Pixie is a sleek, modern coffee maker with all the bells and whistles. It’s surprisingly compact but powerful enough to provide a high-end taste for those who demand it. The Nespresso Pixie has a wide range of advanced features that make it an energy-efficient device.

Not only that, but it also includes 16 Nespresso capsules set as a welcome gift containing separate aromas of your choosing. This coffee maker will be sure not to disappoint you!

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine With Aeroccino Milk Frother

Key Features

Simple to Use:

Pixie is a coffee maker that’s both simple and user-friendly. It is a programmable, intelligent espresso maker that produces your favorite espresso and lungo with the touch of just two buttons.

Most Powerful:

Nespresso Pixie Espresso machine is worth its weight in gold. With an advanced 19 bar high-pressure pump, this espresso maker produces the perfect cup every time. It unlocks delicate coffee flavors that you will never get from a regular old drip pot. It’s like having your own personal barista at home!

Fast Heat Up:

Prepare your morning beverage faster than ever with this powerful fast heat-up system that reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

Empty Alert and Auto Shut-off:

With a red-lit backlight, the machine alerts you when your water tank is empty. With an automatic power-off timer that cuts out after 9 minutes of inactivity, this energy-efficient model offers peace and convenience to its users at all hours!

Easy to Clean:

The Pixie’s capsule ejection system is both hygienic and convenient. The easy-to-clean machine also features a foldable drip tray that will accommodate larger cups, such as those used for lattes or cappuccinos.

  • Compact and elegant design
  • 19 bar pressure pump
  • Durable body material
  • One-touch brewing
  • Comes with Aeroccino 3 milk frother
  • Small water tank only 24 ounce
  • Can’t control the brew strength

9. Chulux Single Cup Coffee Brewer: Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $50

The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker is perfect for anyone who needs a quick cup of coffee but doesn’t want to make the whole pot. The brewing process takes only 2-3 minutes and it has an illuminated brew switch that turns off automatically when the brewing is done!

It brews up 5-12 oz of fresh and hot joe in minutes! It’s compact enough so this brewer can stay on any countertop without taking too much space from other appliances. You’ll never want or need another type again after trying this delicious single-serving option!

Best Single cup Coffee Maker

Key Features

Ease of Use:

Brewing coffee is easier than it looks. Just fill the tank with water, place a capsule in the top of the machine and turn to close it up tight before pressing start on your machine for brewing!

Compact Design:

This high-performing and compact coffee maker is perfect for the person that loves their morning cup of joe to go. It’s small enough to fit in a briefcase, backpack, or carry-on bag making it ideal for business trips where every ounce counts! The portable size also makes this product great for those living on cramped quarters such as dormitories or RVs who don’t have much counter space available.

Very Fast Boiling:

With the new 800W heating element, you can have a cup of hot brewed coffee in three minutes. The rapid brewing technology ensures that your mug will be filled with piping-hot liquid without ever having to wait for it! This coffee maker features an auto shut-off function preventing from overheating, keeping your family and the environment safe while saving energy.

Easy To Clean:

The removable filter basket and drip tray can make cleaning a breeze. Just pressing the button after adding water and vinegar will clean your coffee maker in seconds, so you don’t have to worry about making another cup of coffee later on!

BPA Free:

Its water tank and piercing needle are made of BPA-free material, which is an excellent safety precaution to make sure that you don’t accidentally ingest any harmful chemicals.

Removable Drip Tray:

The drip tray of this coffee maker is detachable and can be removed to accommodate cups up to 5.3’ tall! When the drip tray is detached, it allows you not only for easy cleanup but also the ability to use your own mug or travel cup with no worries about splashing water on yourself when filling a drink.

  • Perfect for single serve
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel reservoir
  • Small water reservoir
  • No temperature control

10. Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve Coffee Maker is for those who need their caffeine fix when they wake up and don’t have time to wait. Brew your own cup in 30 seconds with this brewer that works using K-cups or even freshly ground beans from the included reusable filter! With a just push of a button, make 14 oz coffee taste how you want it- piping hot and perfect every time without waiting too long.

Best Single Cup coffee maker

Key Features

Very Fast Brewing:

This amazing coffee maker can deliver your favorite hot beverage faster than ever before. With 950 watts of power, this machine is capable of making everything from drip to pour over with lightning speed. The best part: it will only take 3 minutes for you to be enjoying an authentic cup at home or work without any fuss whatsoever.

Narrow Design:

This single serve brewer is the perfect companion for any coffee lover on vacation. This tiny device can be taken anywhere and produces one cup of your favorite brew at a time with ease. It’s also great in dorms, offices, or even kitchens that don’t have room to make an entire pot!


This coffee maker lets you choose between K-Cups or fresh coffee grounds for the perfect cup of joe. Its reusable filter can be used with ground beans and loose tea leaves, preventing the pesky mineral build-up on your machine!


Chefman is committed to the safety of their customers. With CETL approved design, Chefman’s products have been proven to last longer and be durable with advanced safety technology.


Their 1-year warranty on each product will make you feel like your purchase won’t go to waste as they provide a worry-free purchasing experience for all!

  • Single serve brewer
  • Very easy to operate with single touch brewing
  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • Compatible with K-cups and ground coffee
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free Material
  • Small filter basket
  • The water fill line is blur

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Single Cup Coffee Maker?

So you want a coffee maker that fits your lifestyle? Want to know what features are most important for you and why? Look no further! Here’s an in-depth guide on how to choose the best single cup coffee makers.

When comparing the best single cup coffee makers, you will find that some include Hot Water on Demand. If this is something you need or desire in your new machine, then be sure to consider it before making a purchase decision!

Electric or Gravity Powered:

It completely depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a hot beverage at any time of the day an electric coffee maker would be perfect, or if you plan to go camping and want a campfire-roasted cup then consider going with the gravity-powered option that’s readily available in most outdoor stores nowadays!

Electric is easier to use, but good for a single-serve only. Gravity-powered takes time or air pressure, which can help extract your grounds more efficiently with custom adjustments before you start brewing!

Pods or Capsules:

Newspapers and magazines often refer to coffee pods as being interchangeable with capsules, but they are in fact two different containers for ground coffee. Pods come from manufacturers like Nespresso or Keurig that use small plastic cups of a filter material called “paper-film” (a composite of paper fibers and polystyrene) which is perforated by the machine before it’s filled up with hot water; while capsules resemble little metal cans made out of aluminum foil. Capsules can be sealed so their contents stay fresh over long periods of time – if you’re not someone who drinks much drip brew at home then you should probably go for this kind instead!

Other related things:

Consumer Reports advises to avoid impediments to a smooth brewing experience when you’re looking for the best single-cup coffee maker. Searching for convenience is key, so make sure it doesn’t have complicated features or settings that might mess up your morning ritual!

You’re not looking for just any coffee maker, you want the perfect coffee maker that meets all of your needs. Think about what kind of machine will work best in your kitchen and how much money is worth to spend on a quality appliance.


What will your kitchen look like with a new coffee maker in it? Do you want something fun and colorful, simple but elegant, or sleek with a modern design that will make it seem timeless?

You must consider how adding a new appliance might change things when considering where they’ll live in your homes!

Space of your kitchen counter:

Do you have enough counter space for a coffee maker? If not, then is your kitchen small or are you looking to buy one for dorm room living? Before purchase, be sure there’s plenty of clearance around the water reservoir so it can be accessed easily.

For those of us without much space to spare, it is important to keep close tabs on how big these machines are, so you don’t end up with something too large for your kitchen setup or cramped apartment!


If portability means the most to you, then it would be in your best interest to find a lightweight machine that can easily fit into any bag or carry on-size luggage.

If you like to travel or spend time outdoors with friends and family, then an RV is the perfect option for a brewer. The best ones weigh less than five pounds so they are easy to take anywhere!

Brewing time:

Do you have a busy morning ahead of you, or do you need to take some time for yourself this morning?

For those who are in a hurry, the best coffee makers come with an automatic brewing function that will brew your beverage as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Do you like hot or cold drinks? Do you prefer strong flavors or mild ones? These are questions worth answering before purchasing your brewer.


Take a look at your budget and find out what you can afford. Do you want to get the most bang for your buck, or are looking more for the style than substance?


Keep in mind that a machine with too many complicated options may not work well and will need more difficult maintenance than your average Joe might have time for. For this reason, I recommend sticking with products that offer one-year warranties or better yet three years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are single-cup coffee Makers worth it?

Single-serve coffee makers can help you to do more with your limited time. If convenience is a priority, this type of machine makes brewing simpler while leaving no mess behind. For those who are often in a rush, single-cup brewers make the perfect cup for on the go!

How to clean a single-cup coffee maker?

You can clean your single cup coffee maker simply by running water and vinegar through it a few times. Fill the reservoir with distilled white vinegar, run one cycle without inserting any type of capsule or pod into the machine to get rid of any lingering flavors from previous usages. Run two more cycles using only regular tap water afterward in order to rinse out all traces of Vinegar residue left behind on the internal parts.

Can I brew a variety of drinks with a single-cup coffee maker?

I think you can, but it depends. You need to make sure that the machine comes in your preferred flavor(s). And also check and see if there are plenty of capsules for this type of coffee maker!

Final Words

Single-Cup coffee makers are great for those who drink just one cup per day. They’re also perfect if you don’t want to make a whole pot of joe but still crave that caffeine boost in the morning or afternoon. The Hamilton Beach 49980A is my favorite because it’s both single-serve and has a large enough reservoir so you can brew multiple cups at once when guests come over! There is no real bad choice in this review; it just comes down to what works better within your lifestyle!

I hope this article has given you some helpful information in your search for the best single cup coffee maker.

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