BLACK And DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review

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How would you like to enjoy your personalized hot cup of coffee in the morning? Then all you need to do is to buy yourself this well-designed and latest  BLACK And DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker. In fact, this device is very popular and one of the best coffee maker with grinder.  

This coffee maker brings you a range of creative and artistic coffee art. Coffee is one of the most cherished and essential drinks of our day. You can have yourself a mild or a robust coffee same way as you desire.

It comes with a quick touch panel that has several settings to customize your device. This comes with a bronze tone permanent filter that eliminates the need to use the wasteful kind of paper filters.

BLACK & DECKER 12 Cup Coffee MakerBLACK & DECKER 12 Cup Coffee MakerBLACK & DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Top Features Of BLACK And DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker 

Quick and Easy Operation

Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffee maker provides you with an option of the strength selector on its brew feature. The machine has a smart touch programming feature, which makes the operation quick and easy. The buttons are marked clearly.

Non-stick “Keep Hot” carafe

The coffee maker has a non-sticky carafe plate. This carafe plate makes the coffee to stay hot for a longer time.

Sneak Your Cup Feature

You have the function of sneak a cup integrated and Added to this machine. This way, you can pour yourself one cup in the middle of the cycle before brewing ends as the flow of coffee is stopped temporarily.

Grinder Off Feature

Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffee maker has a smooth touch and grinds feature. You have a grinder that is all in one.    The machine has a grinder tool that can be used for several purposes. This coffee machine has a built-in option for switching off the system of the grinder.

Easy to Use Easy To Clean

This is an efficient machine with an efficiently designed cleaning system. The brew basket is easy to remove and is dishwasher safe.

12-Cup carafe

The coffee making machine has a capacity of holding 12 cups that comes with a back-light display.

Compact And Lightweight

The coffee machine has these dimensions: 10” by 13.5” by 15.5”. The device weighs lighter than 9.5 lbs.

Integrated Grinder

A powerful grinder is integrated with the machine so that all the whole grains are appropriately ground.


Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffee maker has a 2-year limited warranty. 

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BLACK And DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker: Pros And Cons


  • This coffee machine is claimed to better in choice and more convenient because the device can be cleaned easily. Filter and basket are the parts that are used in the machine most commonly, which are easy to clean this as compared to the other machines.
  • This machine is designed to be easily programmable, and the settings can be configured easily. You can now grind the whole beans and brew the coffee as per your needs. You can design the strength of your coffee.
  • The Black and Decker CM5000B coffee has capsules that can be refilled. These capsules are quite inexpensive instead of the capsules that are purchased from the market.
  • The grinder is very sturdy, and this feature of the coffee maker can be used again properly despite the previous usage. You have the settings to grind the coffee as you desire.
  • The machine comes with a removable brew basket and a grinder. These two components are mostly hard to remove from a machine. These two components here in this machine are elementary to remove and makes it easier to clean up the mess.


  • This coffee maker is very much appropriate for a common purpose, but it is enormous. Hence, it becomes a tedious task to find the proper place for this.
  • The grinder is perfectly fine, but it cannot be used as a grinder alone. The grinder faces issues of coffee getting clogged and is challenging to clean.
  • The machine is highly programmable and uses several types of buttons. These buttons are incredibly confusing. To make this machine work right, one has to refer the manual frequently to configure the buttons properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the machine programmable?

Ans.: Yes, the machine is fully programmable.

Q. Can I set grinding control in the machine?

Ans.: The grinding control can be easily set as there is a setting to do so on the programmable buttons.

Q. Does this product properly heat the coffee?

Ans.: The product comes with a non-stick carafe plate that is adequate to heat the coffee. This plate heats the coffee pretty good.

Q. Does this machine come along with coffee beans?

Ans.: No, the machine does not come along with coffee beans. You have to use your coffee beans.

In Conclusion

After you check all these essential features and the BLACK And DECKER Mill and Brew Coffee Maker Review, you won’t be able to deny that this product is a good investment. The BLACK And DECKER 12 Cup Coffee Maker itself is a statement of the best coffee making machines. You can buy this machine from Amazon and bring yourself your customized coffee machine for a perfect everyday wake up coffee.

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