How Many Types Of Coffee Beans?

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Not all coffee is of the same kind. If you drink coffee avidly, then you are someone who might be wondering how many types of coffee beans are there. There are a wide variety of coffee beans found across the world constituting four diverse types of coffee beans. 

All of these coffees are grown in an area called the coffee belt, which is along the line of the equator because coffee needs to be cultivated in a hot climate. Some coffee plantations need more rain and higher altitude as compared to the others.

Types Of Coffee beans

Usually, there are four types of coffee beans are available all over the world. Here I’m giving you a detailed idea about them:

  1. Coffee Arabica
  2. Robusta coffee
  3. Excelsa Coffee
  4. Liberica Coffee

1. Coffee Arabica

You must be already familiar with this type of coffee as it is about 60% of the coffee production in the world. The cultivation of the Arabica takes place in the regions of high altitudes that have steady rainfalls and also have shade in plenty amount. It is straightforward to take care of Arabica trees as compared to the others because these trees are less than 6 feet tall. 

As they are small, harvesting them is easier as well. This Arabica coffee is the most delicate type of coffee among all 4. This coffee plant is easy to be damaged by climate and disease. As the Arabica coffee beans are the most common type of coffee harvested around the world, they are being cultivated in huge amounts.

Arabica Coffee Bean

If the coffee plantations of Arabica are developed in an unsuitable environment, then it becomes a double effort to take care of them and keep them healthy. It becomes essential to take care of Arabica plantations as contamination of just one tree can lead to the contamination of the entire crop. 

The high-quality Arabica beans come with a bright body and possess acidity in an adequate amount. They are multilayered with aromas and flavors. If you are growing a coffee at home then to get the best results, you need Arabica coffee, which has a full body and has a lower quantity of acidity.

Black Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee Bean

2. Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee is also known as coffee canephora. It ranks second after Arabic coffee. It is named robusta because it can tolerate extremely robust types of environment and is entirely immune to the diseases. Robusta coffee can withstand the various heights of altitudes, but it requires a hot climate and regions with irregular rainfalls. The amount of Caffeine present in robusta is almost twice the caffeine present in Arabica. The caffeine content of the plant explains its quality of self-defense against diseases. 

Robusta Coffee Bean

Robusta coffee is pure where the bitter notes are utilized; hence, they come with a more substantial body. If you see high-quality robusta beans, then you will find them to be having a smooth texture and to be of low acidity. Their flavor profile has the hands of the taste of chocolates along with it. 

If you are a fan of robusta coffee but find your coffee having a flat smell or giving you a hint of rubbery taste, then your expensive coffee is grown in unfavorable climates. Robusta is preferable coffee if you like to add cream or milk to your coffee as it gives proper taste and aroma compared to Arabica.

3. Excelsa Coffee

Coffee Excelsa Bean

Excelsa has been added and classified as part of the Liberica genus in the coffee family. The difference between the Liberica family of coffee and excelsa is not very much. Excelsa grows on trees that are as large as 20 to 30 feet like the Liberica trees. They also grow at a similar range of altitude as that of Liberica and the production is of the same size and almond-like shape as that of liberty coffee beans. 

You may find Excelsa to be growing most in the regions of southeast Asia. The production of excelsa only contributes to being among the 7% of the whole coffee production. Excelsa is used widely in blends to give the coffee a boost of complexity and flavor. It has a vivid kind of roasted flavor.

4. Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee Bean

Liberica also is known as coffee liberica is a limited edition type of coffee that comes on the market these days. Despite its availability, coffee has an essential place in the history of the coffee world. The Philippines was the first country to try liberica. Because of several controversies and disputes, it has become hard to find liberica beans around the world. 

Liberica beans are comparatively larger and asymmetrical as compared to the other types of beans. We have a unique floral and fruity flavor with a different kind of aroma. Unlike Arabica grows on large trees that are 30 to 40 feet tall Liberica grows on shorter plants.

Final Words

As a coffee snob, certainly, the question may arise in your mind, how many types of coffee beans are found? Hopefully, in this article, you’ve got a clear thought about this topic. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please let me know in the below comment box. As early as possible I’ll reply.
Have a nice day.

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