Health Benefits Of Coffee

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Welcome to the article on health benefits of coffee.

Here we describe how coffee influences our health and enhances our daily efficiency.

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“In coffee, we believe..”

Little did the goat herder in Ethiopia know that his discovery of coffee berries, which kept his goats energetic, would have a similar effect on the civilized population and then years later get them addicted to it too! Nobody knows if this legend is true, but we are ever so thankful to those who introduced us to the world of coffee beans.

There is nothing like good, hot cuppa coffee to kick-start your day with! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee can make you jump out of the bed instantaneously. It is like a fuel to get humans put their life in gear. And let’s not even undermine the afternoon pick-me-up coffee session!

Ardent coffee lovers say it is not just a hot beverage, but moreover a lifestyle choice. Ask those who take a trip to the local Starbucks without fail. Like wine, coffee is paired up with food and it won’t be long before they start incorporating coffee in everyday recipes! On that note, here’s a fun fact – the word “coffee” comes from the Arabic word for “wine”.

We already made an Infographic on 10 health benefits of coffee that will help to learn about the most important and also interesting fact inside the coffee.  Our designer assured that you will get a visual image that will provide you the detail concepts of health benefits of coffee. So here, you go.

Let’s See The Infographic About Health Benefits of Coffee

10 Health Benefits of Coffee

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Now how much coffee are we talking about?

According to a study commissioned by National Coffee Association, 63% Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, which is highest than what was recorded from 2012. There are 24,000 coffee shops across USA and are slated to grow up to 50,000+ in the coming years. 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day; a cup measures to 9 ounces. Want to know more in depth? An average of 3.1 cups of coffee is consumed every day which includes varieties in mocha, latte, espresso, café mocha, cappuccino, frozen/iced coffee beverages, and other specialty coffee varieties.

While we weigh out the protein, carb, fat intake; those obsessed with coffee perpetually feel “coffee deprived”. The coffee culture has more than evolved in the last few years.  Average coffee drinkers may be satisfied with their Americanos, but a true coffee lover knows the value of specialty coffee.

The chemistry between Hot Brew and Cold Brew

All said and done, which is the best type of coffee? What are the latest trends you ask? Cold brew, buttered coffee, Cascara (herbal coffee) and nitrogen-fuelled coffee have swooned the coffee market with their increased popularity.

Cold brew is a captivating trend of 2019 yes! So, why do some prefer the cold brew over hot and vice-versa?

The only difference between hot and cold brew is the use of hot vs. cold water. Almost everyone is familiar with the hotel brewing technique, however, what you need to know about cold brew is that it requires patience and some call for a higher coffee to water ratio. You will be rewarded with a smooth and sweet coffee brew, but if you like that kick and acidity, opt for the hot brew.

Regular cold brew drinkers state that they experience a distinct flavor profile than hot brews. This is because of oxidation and degradation. Hot brews may result in bitter flavor at times than their counterparts. Bitterness and acidity are just about absent in cold brew coffee; therefore you may enjoy the rich, wholesome flavor of a cold brew better.

Hot or cold, depending upon the weather and personal preference, coffee will never fail to perk you up!

Pros & cons of Coffee Consumption/Drinking Coffee

Too much of anything is always bad. Drinking more than recommended amount of coffee results in adverse effects. Firstly, untimely coffee habits disrupt your body clock. Coffee is caffeine and because you need to rest at night, coffee is not recommended 3-4 hours prior to bedtime. Caffeine is linked to gout attacks and may also raise blood pressure. More than 4-5 cups of coffee per day and you may be prone to an early death. People who consume a lot of coffee regularly, often complain of indigestion. Some studies link caffeine to reduced chances of fertility. Therefore, pregnant women or those who wish to conceive are advised to stay away from coffee.

Are we obsessing over a cup of coffee?

While studies, researches and evidence show that coffee has potential health benefits and aids in longevity, many coffee drinkers take this excuse to overindulge. They are also misinformed about coffee and health; thus neglecting what they are actually putting in their cup. Skewed by confusion from trends, one must remember that trends are like waves which eventually crash. The idea is to enjoy a cup rather than be addicted to it!


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