How To Use Stovetop Coffee Maker?

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The coffee makers these days are emerging with the latest features and technologies to make a drink accordingly. At the same time, there are many people especially beginners may face difficulties in using them due to the lack of ideas. A stovetop coffee maker also called Moka Pot allows users to prepare coffee in Italian traditional method. Even though the stovetop coffee maker doesn’t belong to an espresso model, it enables users to prepare a delicious coffee that is rich in taste. It utilizes steam pressure while brewing coffee. Most models are smaller in size and one can operate them in a home with ease.

On the other hand, there are several people who don’t know how to use a stovetop coffee maker and they need some proper guidelines. There are some things needed for making coffee in Moka pot. Some of them include coffee beans, coffee grinder, water, and stove for meeting essential needs.

A Quick Look of Some Stovetop Coffee Maker

Here are some tips available for those who utilize stovetop coffee maker for the first time.

1. Separating the Moka pot into parts

Before making coffee with Moka pot, it is an important one to separate the machine into 3 parts such as the lower portion, the filter baskets, and the upper chamber. Users should rinse each part with fresh water for removing any metallic taste.

2. Filling the boiler with hot water

The first stage is to make a stovetop maker ready before preparing a drink. It is necessary to remove the basket from the machine for pouring hot water into the boiler. If there is no fill line is available in a machine then, it is a wise one to fill up the boiler just below the steam release valve.

Users should handle the machine carefully before filling it up with hot water. This is because the metal in the stovetop maker will likely become heat as soon as possible. Hot water is preferable because it contributes more to prevent the overheating and burning of grounds to a large extent.

3. Grinding coffee beans

It is an important one to grind the coffee beans which resemble table salt. The machine has a grinder and users can place 18-20 grams of coffee in it for grinding purposes. Users can choose the grind based on their personal experiences. A medium-fine setting makes feasible ways to prepare a coffee with unique tastes. People should take note of the setting before grinding the beans.

4. Placing the ground coffee into the filter basket

Users should fill the filter basket loosely and ensure that the coffee grounds are not tightly packed. Another thing is that it is necessary to make sure that the ground coffee sits properly in the filter basket.

It is advisable to avoid the tamping of coffee while leveling the same in the filter basket for making the water to travel smoothly.

5. Assembling the stovetop coffee maker

One should place the filter basket into the boiler and he/she can screw the top of the machine onto the boiler base. It is necessary to get ideas about assembling from different sources that can help to overcome unwanted issues.

6. Heating the stovetop coffee maker

The second stage involves brewing and serving the coffee in various steps. Coffee makers should set the stovetop temperature to medium-low and watch the machine closely when it brews. One should remove the maker immediately as soon as the brew flows through the chamber.

It is a wise one to remove the maker from the heat when the coffee rises into the chamber that can result in several advantages. A person should focus more on adjusting the temperature of the machine during the brewing process. At the same time, it can take some attempts for the users to set the correct heat setting which works well for a stove as well as Moka pot.

7. Stirring the coffee

Users can now stir the coffee with a spoon after removing the stovetop coffee mixer from the heat. This, in turn, gives ways, to mix the different layers of the coffee accordingly to create a tasty and smooth flavour.

8. Serving the stovetop

It is possible to get coffee from the stovetop mixer in a fresh condition. At the same time, one should take a sip carefully because it is very hot. One can drink the coffee prepared from the machine with sugar. However, it is very strong in nature which doesn’t suit everyone’s suits. Therefore, it is imperative to add hot water into a drink for ensuring a great taste. It is advisable not to drink the coffee that has been left in the machine.

9. Cleaning

Cleaning a stovetop maker is very important after making a coffee drink. Users should empty the Moka pot and letting the same to cool down before carrying out the cleaning process. A person should disassemble the stovetop maker and rinse each part with cool water. Moreover, it is advisable to dry each part with a tea towel.

Stovetop coffer maker is easy to handle but requires more care when it comes to coffee preparation. The above steps will help to overcome complications while using a machine.

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